See our commonly asked questions below. 

  • What is a digital wallet?

    A Digital Wallet lets you use your mobile device to pay online, in-store and in-app the easy way. Just link your Republic Bank debit or credit card to pay with a single tap.There’s no need to take a plastic card out of your wallet. Digital wallets are accepted just about everywhere. Card details aren’t stored on your device or shared with the merchant when you pay so you can shop with confidence.

  • I just received a new debit/credit card. Do I need to update the card information in my digital wallet?

    If you have entered your Republic Bank Debit or Credit Card into the wallet app on your tablet, watch, or smart phone, and you received a replacement plastic for card, you’ll need to update the information in your device’s wallet.

  • I’ve lost my smart phone, tablet or watch and I’ve entered my Republic Bank Debit or Credit Card information into that device. What do I do?

    Your actual card information is not stored on the device.  You can suspend or remove the ability to pay from that device by contacting Apple, Google or Samsung Pay.

  • Can I use Apple Pay?

    If you are using a compatible Apple device you can link an eligible Republic Bank Debit or Credit Card to pay in stores or in app using Apple Pay.  To learn more about how to set up and use Apple Pay.

  • Can I use Google Pay?

    If you are using a compatible Google device you can link an eligible Republic Bank Debit or Credit Card to pay in stores in app using Google Pay.  To learn more about how to set up and use Google Pay.

  • Can I use Samsung Pay?

    If you are using a compatible Samsung device, you can link an eligible Republic Bank Debit or Credit Card to pay in stores or in app using Samsung Pay.  To learn more about how to set up and use Samsung Pay.  

  • In some cases, merchants may put through a different amount than actually posts to your account, e.g. a restaurant. You should always use Online Banking or the Myrepublicbank Mobile App to confirm your transaction amounts.

  • How do I reach Republic Bank’s Customer Service team?

    Republic Bank Customer Service is available Monday thru Friday, 7:00am – 11pm, Saturday 7:30am – 6pm and Sunday 11am – 4pm, by calling 888.875.2265

  • Where can I find a Republic Bank location?

    We have many stores throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. View our locations.

  • Does Republic Bank offer Free Checking?

    Yes, we have an Absolutely Free Checking account, we require no minimum balance in the account.

  • What is Republic Bank’s routing number?

    Our routing # is 036002247

  • What do I do if I lose my ATM/debit card?

    If you lose your ATM/Debit Card you may report it lost or stolen using online banking or the mobile app or by calling customer service at 888.875.2265. You may come into one of our stores and we will issue you a replacement on the spot.

  • Republic Bank online banking is FREEEnroll now.

  • How can I reorder checks?

    Click here to reorder checks, visit or call a local store or call 888.875.2265.

  • Account balances are available through our automated telephone banking service at 888.875.2265, or using online or text banking, or the MyRepublicBank Mobile App.

    Download our Mobile App Below:

    Available for Apple and Android devices

    Download our app from the Apple App Store Download our app from the Google Play Store  

  • How can I place a stop payment on a check I’ve written?

    Stop by any store, give us a call at 888.875.2265, or use online banking.

  • How do I update my address if I move?

    Stop by any store, or give us a call at 888.875.2265

  • How can I apply for consumer loan?

    You can apply for a loan by visiting one of our stores and completing an application, calling one of our stores and completing an application over the phone, or printing an application from our website and faxing to one of our store locations or e-mailing the completed application to one of our store staff members. When faxing or emailing an application, your personal information may not be completely secure.

  • How can I make consumer and commercial loan payments?

    Loan payments can be made by having your monthly payment automatically deducted from a Republic Bank Checking Account, using online, mobile or telephone banking, mailing a check to our headquarters location:

    Republic Bank – Attn: Loan Operations
    50 S. 16th Street, Suite 2400 
    Philadelphia, PA 19102

    or by visiting any store location.

    Payments received by mail at the address above by 5:00 PM EST; in person at a Republic Bank store by 5:00 PM EST; by online or telephone transfer using Republic Bank's online or telephone (Interactive Voice Response) banking system by 11:00 PM EST on a business day (Monday through Friday, except legal holidays) will be credited the same day.

  • How can I make a residential mortgage payment?

    Your monthly mortgage loan payments and any correspondence regarding your mortgage loan should be directed to:

    Republic Bank
    c/o Midwest Loan Services, Payment Processing
    P.O. Box 144
    Houghton, MI 49931-0144 

    Payments must be received by Midwest Loan Services by 7:00PM (EST) on a business day (Monday through Friday, except legal holidays) in order to be credited the same day. Please be sure to include your loan number on all payments and correspondence.

    Midwest Loan Services offers several convenient payment options, including mailing in your payment, making your payment at a Republic Bank store location, paying online at the website below or over the phone.   

    To access your loan, please register at www.midwestloanservices.com where you may do the following:

    • Review transaction history                            
    • Make online payments
    • Utilize the amortization schedule
    • Retrieve monthly billing and year-end statements
    • Review escrow information, if applicable
  • What information do I need to complete a loan application?

    In order to complete a loan application the following information is needed: type of loan, loan amount, loan term, loan purpose, name, address, phone number, social security number, date of birth, gross monthly income, for a dwelling-secured application, the property address and an estimate of the value of the property, and your signature (if application is completed in person or being faxed/e-mailed).

  • Where can I find Republic Bank’s consumer loan products and rates?

    Consumer loan rates are available here at myrepublicbank.com.

    To request information or report an error regarding the servicing of your loan, you must write to us at the following address:

    Republic Bank, Loan Operations Department 
    50 S.16th Street, Suite 2400 
    Philadelphia, PA 19102


  • How do I reset my Online Banking password?

    If you have set up your password reset question from the ‘Settings’ tab within online banking you can go to the online banking log-in screen, click ‘Reset Password’.  Enter your Log-In ID, your email address associated with your Online Banking account, and a subject line you create (this is to prevent Phishing, a popular form of email fraud). Click Enter. In a few minutes, you’ll receive an email. Simply follow the instructions.  Otherwise, stop by any store or give us a call at 888.875.2265.

  • How do I change my Online Banking User ID?

    From Online Banking, click the ‘Settings’ tab and enter a new ID.

  • If you make a deposit in a Republic Bank location before 6 p.m. on a business day (except Saturday, Sunday and Federal Holidays) we are open, we will consider that day to be the day of your deposit. If you make a deposit after 6 p.m. or on a day we are not open, the next business day will be the day of your deposit. 

    If you make a mobile deposit 8 p.m. on a business day (except Saturday, Sunday and Federal Holidays) we are open, we will consider that day to be the day of your deposit. If you make a mobile deposit after 8 p.m. or on a day we are not open, the next business day will be the day of your deposit. 

  • When will my direct deposit be available?

    Funds from your direct deposit will be available the day we receive it.

  • Does Republic Bank offer notary public services?

    Yes, this service is FREE to Republic Bank customers.

  • How can I check the balance on my Republic Bank Visa Gift Card?

    Just call 866.913.0886. Or, if you have registered your card, check here.

  • What is the difference between my available and current balance?

    Your available balance does not include holds or pending transactions.

  • I see the word pending in front of my transaction within online banking. What does that mean?

    A pending transaction, say a purchase you have made with your debit card, means the transaction has been authorized against your account, but it has not posted yet.

  • How do I enroll online banking?
  • How do I enroll in mobile banking?

    If you have your Online Banking ID and password simply download the myrepublicbank App from the App store and log in.  If not, you’ll need to enroll in online banking first.

  • How can I electronically send money to a person?

    If you’re enrolled in online or mobile banking, it’s easy.  From mobile banking, tap ‘Payments’, and select your ‘Payee’, or tap ‘Payees’ to set up a new person to pay. You’ll need the other person’s email address or bank information.

  • Does Republic Bank offer FREE coin counting?

    Absolutely! All of our locations (except Bala Cynwyd) offer FREE coin counting using the Magic Money Machine.

  • Does Republic Bank offer mortgages?

    Absolutely. Learn more.

  • Does Republic Bank have a fee schedule?
  • How do I enroll in iPay QuickPay™?

    You need a bill pay account and an Alexa-enable device to use iPay QuickPay. To enable the Alexa skill within Online Banking Bill Pay:

    • Log in to your account bill pay account
    • Select the “My Account” tab
    • Go to the Voice Bill Pay section and select the “Add Alexa” link
    • Answer the Challenge phrase questions
    • Enter the requested credentials and click submit

    This completes the online set up.

    Now, you will need to link your bill pay account to iPay QuickPay.

    • Within the Alexa App on your mobile device, search for the iPay QuickPay skill and choose “Enable”
    • When prompted, enter the credentials created in bill pay to being linking your payment account to iPay QuickPay.
    • Create a 4-digit PIN that will be requested every time iPay QuickPay is launched.
    • Select “I agree, Link Account” to complete the account linking process
    • Now, to get started, say “Alexa, start iPay QuickPay”.
  • Who can I pay with iPay QuickPay?

    You may make payments to payees that you have added to your bill pay account. You can ask Alexa to list your payees for you.

  • What can Alexa do?

    Once you have enabled the iPay QuickPay skill, you can ask Alexa to list your payees, make a payment, provide your payment history, and check your scheduled payments. For example, to hear payment history say “Alexa, what are my last 5 payments”.

  • What is two-factor authentication?

    Two-factor authentication is an additional layer of security to help us help you protect your information. We'll use two methods to identify you - using something you know, your user id and password, and something you have, like a code that we send to your mobile phone or email address.

  • How do I change the order in which my accounts are displayed?

    It’s easy. Just click the ‘↑↓’ to the right of the ‘Accounts’ heading. Then tap the ‘≡’ next to the account you want to move and slide where you would like it placed.

  • Yes, this is called the dashboard. Go to the bottom of the page and tap ‘Organize Dashboard’. Use your finger to drag and drop each section to where you would like it displayed.

  • What is a pending transaction?

    Pending means that a transaction has arrived for processing at Republic Bank, but has not posted yet. For questions about how accounts are posted, refer to our Terms and Conditions.

  • Yes. If you haven’t made a transfer to/from the external account within the MyRepublicBank app before, you need to set it up first. Doing that is easy. You’ll need the account number and the bank routing number. From the menu, select ‘Accounts’, then the ‘+’ in the upper right. Tap ‘Make an External Transfer’. Follow the prompts to enter the account information. Watch your account at the other bank. Within 1 to 3 days, you’ll see a two small deposits. Return to the MyRepublicBank app and enter that information, tap ‘Confirm’, and you’ll be ready to go.

  • How do I make a mobile deposit?

    Tap ‘Deposit’ right from your dashboard. The first time you use the MyRepublicBank app, select the accounts you want enroll. The next business day, you’ll be ready to make your mobile deposit.

  • Can I use Fingerprint and Face ID?

    Yes, the latest biometric options are available on Apple and Android devices.

  • This feature will be available shortly. In the meantime, you can make your payment online or at store location. 

  • Your accounts statements are available by tapping the menu, then ‘eDocuments’.

  • How do I make a payment?

    From your dashboard, tap ‘Pay’. Tap the company or person to pay and complete the prompts.

  • Can I reorder checks?

    Yes. From the dashboard, tap on the dark blue bar for the account that you would like to order checks for. Tap ‘Reorder Checks’ and follow the prompts.

  • Gift Cards

    What fees are associated with my gift card? 
    There are no purchase fees, usage fee or inactivity fees associated with your gift card. The only fee associated with your gift card is for the replacement of a lost or stolen card.  

    When does my gift card expire? 
    The expiration date is on the front of your gift card in month/year format. If your card has expired and there are still funds available, contact 1.866.913.0886 for a replacement card. There is no fee to replace an expired card. 

    What should I do with my gift card when the value is depleted? 
    Destroy the card (Before destroying the card, make sure that you won’t need the card in the future for store returns.). The value is limited only to the original amount of money placed on the card.   

    What if I need to return an item purchased with my gift card? 
    No problem. Depending on the merchant, refunds may be credited to your card or issued as a store credit or as cash.   

    What if the purchase price is greater than the value on my gift card? 
    Spending is limited to your card balance. If you wish to make a purchase greater than the balance, you can use a second payment method – cash, check or credit card – to cover the difference. Simply advise the cashier in advance which method you would be using.   

    What if my purchase is denied? 
    Your gift card balance is probably less than the purchase price. Ask the merchant to deduct the specific amount remaining on your card and then use a second form of payment for the purchase balance. At gas stations, tell the attendant how much gas (in dollars) you would like and give your card to the attendant to process.  At restaurants or other “tip-oriented” places, make sure your card balance is enough to cover the bill plus the 20%. When authorizing purchases, most restaurants will factor an automatic tip.