Home Equity Line of Credit for PA & NJ

Combined Loan to value of 85% (1)
Minimum loan amount $5,000
This product is a variable rate product with a floor of 3.50% and a maximum of 18.00%
APR may increase after consummation
15-year Draw Period(2)
First, Second or Third Consecutive Lien (behind Republic Bank) on Primary or Secondary Residence

Loan Amount APR (3)(4)(5)
Up to $24,999.99 8.75%
$25,000 to $99,999.99 7.75%
$100,000 to $199,999.99 7.00%
$200,000 or more 6.99%

 APR for loans up to $24,999.99 is Prime Rate plus 1.75%
APR for loans $25,000-$99,999.99 is Prime Rate plus .75%
APR for loans $100,000 to $199,999.99 is Prime Rate 
APR for loans over $200,000 is Prime Rate minus .01%
APR for all loan amounts is based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate, currently 7.00%


All loans and lines of credit are subject to credit approval.
All loans and lines of credit are limited to $1,000,000 total consumer exposure per relationship.
An appraisal performed by a certified or licensed appraiser will be required at the expense of the Applicant. For all loans and lines over $250,000, or 1st lien purchase money transactions or when a Home Value Estimate (HVE) is not acceptable or available. The cost can range from $125.00 -$1,500.00.
Property insurance is required with Republic First Bank dba Republic Bank listed as mortgagee. Flood insurance may be required if the property resides in a flood hazard area.
Title insurance is required for loans and lines of credit over $400,000 or for 1st lien purchase money transactions.
Primary or secondary (vacation home) residences only. Eligible property types include 1-2 family residences, condominiums.
Non-owner occupied (investment) properties, mobile and manufactured homes, cooperatives and properties held in the name of a Life Trust or Non-Revocable Trust are not eligible. Properties held in the name of a trust require an Attorney Opinion Letter and a $250 prepaid nonrefundable fee for bank attorney review. If you terminate your Home Equity Line or your Five Year Interest Only Home Equity Line of Credit within the first 12 months of the agreement date you will be required to pay 1% of the credit limit not to exceed $250.00

(1) Maximum combined loan to value (CLTV) is based on creditworthiness. Maximum CLTV of 89.9% is available for second liens only. HELOC rate will increase 1% over the disclosed Rate and APR to qualified borrowers. Home Equity Loan Rate will increase .50% over the disclosed Rate and APR to qualified borrowers. 5 Year Interest Only Line of Credit not applicable. Other terms and conditions may apply.
(2) After 15 year draw period ends, remaining balance will be billed at principal plus interest following terms in credit agreement.
(3) APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate
(4) APR does not include costs other than interest.
(5) APR is quoted with monthly Automatic Payment Deduction (APD) from a Republic Bank account. APR will increase by .25% if APD Accounts terminated at any time.