Kids Rock

Kids Rock at Republic Bank!

We value our younger customers and believe that banking should be fun. Win prizes using our Magic Money Machine, enjoy free lollipops, save your coins in our R-Banks and much more... there are so many reasons to visit!


r bank with coins

Magic Money 5 for 5 club

Republic Bank invites our younger customers to join a great club, the Magic Money 5 for 5 Club, that introduces kids to the banking process and encourages them to save money on a monthly basis with the help of our fun, interactive Magic Money Machines. Every young member receives a special membership card and membership wristband.


Money Zone

We love to share our passion for banking and knowledge of finance with new generations. The Republic Bank Money Zone program works with schools in the community to help elementary students develop strong financial skills in an engaging and fun way. This FREE program meets the standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and helps them become more financially confident.

We’ll take students on an exciting journey through the world of banking and finance. Through fun activities, our lesson plans focus on teaching children the basic principles of money, saving and banking.