Visa cards

Republic Bank is switching debit card providers. Your new Republic Bank Visa debit card is ready for activation and use. Please call us at 844.909.1627 to activate your consumer card or 844.909.1629 for business cards. Your current Mastercard® debit card will no longer work on April 12, 2021. Any transactions that are still in a pending status on this date will process normally.

We understand this may present a minor inconvenience for some customers, so we have taken steps to streamline the activation process. You will have the ability to select the same or new PIN at the time of activation.

Your new Republic Bank Visa debit card offers the latest contactless and EMV chip technology and is still one of the most convenient ways to make purchases and withdraw cash from an ATM. 

Remember to:

  • Sign your card.
  • Activate your card and select your PIN by calling: 844.909.1627 for consumer cards or 844.909.1629 for business cards.
  • Destroy your current debit card once you have activated the replacement card.
  • Remember to update recurring payments.
  • Update or add your card to your digital wallet.

We love to hear from you. If you have any questions, call 888.875.2265 or visit us in store – we’re open seven days a week.